Eat meat. Eat vegetables. Work. Train. Sleep. Repeat. Where is the excitement in that?

I haven’t written since day 12 because, honestly, there’s not much to report. The first week of the Whole30 is full of drama, and the shittier your diet was before you started, the more drama-filled your first few days will be. Just ask my brother in law. I’m not sure how crappy his diet was on a day-to-day basis, but I do know that before he met my sister he had never seen a brussels sprout. He knows his bourbon though, and likes to share, and for that I am very grateful. Mmmmm…whiskey.

Some cravings never completely go away. 


Both my siblings and their families started the Whole30 a week ago. So, exactly when my Whole30 became drama-free, predictable and monotonous, they were suffering through the tumultuous beast of a first week, and I got to hear all about it and forget about how boring my life had become. I heard about the headaches, the unusual poops, the cravings, surviving the first social event without alcohol, the constant peeing, and the frustrations. My sister is a rockstar in the kitchen, so at least I know my brother-in-law is getting one square meal a day. The rest of the time while at work he survives on coffee and this: (By the way, this is an actual photo he sent me of a snack created - to my surprise - by him and not his 5-year-old son.)



I am astonished as I approach the final days of my Whole30 adventure. Yes, the novelty has worn off and eating this way has become routine. The newness has disappeared, but, get this…so have my fears! I was pretty nervous to start this thing and not sure if I’d handle it well. 

Turns out I’m handling the shit out of it! 

Eating clean consistently is as mundane as training consistently; every day you make the choice to show up and do the work. Show up, do the work. Show up, do the work. Show up, do the work. It’s simple, but it is NOT easy. It’s a grind, and it becomes so boring after a while! 

But only with consistency can greatness be achieved. Growth, strength, health, resolve, fitness, greatness and success are byproducts of consistency, dedication and commitment. My clients who are most consistent have the greatest success. For months and years they show up and do the work even when they don’t feel like it; it’s awesome and inspiring and I am lucky enough to witness the transformations in these dedicated athletes. Let me just add that the “boring” part of training is the “getting your ass to the gym” part. Once they get there it’s pure fun and excitement because, well, they train with me! 

In the words of my Pastor, “let’s all stumble along in the right direction.”

You show up. I’ll lead the way.