I cheated!!! I went to a party at a swanky bar. First, I had three glasses of pinot noir. I felt somewhat guilty, but everyone (including my sister) was saying, “It’s ok! Live a little! It’s just wine!” Well, after three glasses I was no longer operating under sound judgement, so I ate a few slices of pizza and a big bowl of spaghetti. A few hours passed and I began to feel SO guilty. I was very upset with myself. I was also upset with my friends who had urged me to “let loose.” I had eight solid days under my belt and now it’s all out the window because I have to start this whole thing over.

And then I woke up.

Yep, that was my super fun dream last night! It was so vivid that I woke up still feeling guilty and ashamed and so bummed that I needed to start back at square one today. Thankfully, here I am, drinking my coffee and eating my Whole30 approved coconut Lara Bar, and all is still right with the world. 

According to the Whole30 timeline , dreams and nightmares are typical during days 12-15. Woo hoo!! I’m advancing faster than normal. 

Remember a couple days ago when everyone else was crabby and tired and my world was a freaking magical fairy tale? Well, on day 8 my Whole30 turned into ZeroDark30. Everyone annoyed me, I sassed the parking attendant for stating the obvious “that spot is open”…”yes, I can see that.”  And I needed a long nap even after nine hours of sleep the night before. I ran into a curb and scratched my rim.  

I don’t feel like “killing all the things,” but shit sucks a little bit. Here’s how:

  • less patient
  • more anxious
  • stomach ache
  • I look 3 months pregnant
  • low energy
  • irritable and agitated
  • restless sleep
  • listless
  • spaced out
  • less creative (This entry is boring pie with yawn sauce and I’m blaming it on the Whole30)

But I refuse to set up camp in the valley! Everything I read about the Whole30 assures me that these negatives are temporary. I’d be so happy about that, but I’m too crabby.