It’s been a few weeks since I finished up the Whole30 and here's what I've learned:

Extremes are easy, moderation is difficult.

I had every intention of doing my re-introduction by the book. It probably won’t come as a shocker to you that the first thing I re-introduced was wine. and for three days I kept everything else (almost) Whole30. I say almost because I noticed my brother adding Worcestershire sauce to a steak marinade and when I started whining about it he pointed out the big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in my hand and I realized I didn’t have much of a case against a dash of Worcestershire.

I was so safe in my Whole30 world. There were rules and it was black and white and I was accountable. I didn’t always like it and I struggled, but I was invested. It was an extreme way to live each day, but with that came an unexpected ease. All I had to do was follow the rules.

Now there are no rules and the tacos and margaritas are winning. For the most part.

I am still eating 80% paleo, which seems good in theory, but the 20% non-paleo is really affecting me; I don’t feel as lean or as clear. So… I have a decision to make.

How important is it for me to feel lean and clear?

The answer to that varies day to day, and even hour to hour. Sometimes the mental break of being off the Whole30 beats out the negatives that come with not eating super clean. And sometimes I’m cool with eating eggs and lettuce for lunch. 

I see this same struggle between extremes and moderation with my clients; an all or nothing / black and white approach to training. And as a good trainer, I need to remind them of a couple things:

Results come from hard work.


Hard work doesn’t mean beating the shit out of yourself every time you train.

CHEERS to moderation!