Working out’s better when I’m not using it as punishment to sweat out the toxins and clear the fog from a weekend of wine drinking.


I’m not any leaner. In fact, the opposite. Cutting alcohol out of my diet has proven more complicated than just cutting alcohol out of my diet. I’m ok with it for now.

Self awareness:

Drinking blocks my relationship with myself. Working out improves my connection with my body, my mind, and my heart. I’m more aware of what my body needs, and my workouts are a reflection of that.


Everything in my life is a reflection of the relationship I have with myself. When I was drinking, had a complicated, messy, abusive relationship with fitness and alcohol because I was trying to get something from them that they could not provide.


Drinking blocks my relationship with God. Working out strengthens it.


Drinking was a deeply engrained habit. And old habits die hard. Changing a habit is kinetic; continual action is required to keep the new habit in motion. Right now, this is a daily practice for me. I’m hopeful that my new habit of not drinking will at some point take less effort, like my deeply engrained habit of working out.


Working out is no fun in the same way that sobriety’s no fun. If I approached fitness and sobriety based on the fun factor alone, I wouldn’t work out very often and I’d be drinking. Cuz this sh** ain’t always fun. But I do it anyway because of the greater payoff.


Fun’s not the point, but let’s be honest; I’m more likely to do something if it’s fun. Sometimes this means choosing the less boring thing out of two boring things and just being grateful I have a choice.


Discomfort is everything. Discomfort is a requirement for change, and I need to be cool with the discomfort of sobriety in the same way that I’m cool with the discomfort of a gnarly workout.


Sobriety has helped me be better at everything - coaching, fitness, relationships, writing, and building a business. I didn’t suck at this stuff when I was drinking. It’s just that now I have an edge because I’m happier.