The theme of discomfort has been a hot topic in my life lately. I’ve always been cool with getting uncomfortable when it comes to working out. No problem! I’ll push my body into the deepest depths of pain. Heck, I’ll even get tattooed and enjoy it!  But when it comes to thoughts and feelings and new ways of being … gah! No thanks I’ll pass.

When it comes down to it, it’s just easier to coast.

We tend to think mostly the same thoughts every day, hence creating the same reality every day, basically going through life on autopilot. Why? Because it’s comfortable and it takes zero to little effort. My hand is raised; I’m guilty of this, too. I have many a day (er, many a years) lolligagged through life.

Cruising through life on autopilot gets you more of the same life, until one day you wake up and you realize you hate your job and you’re still broke and you’re dating another weirdo and you don’t even know what you like and how the heck did this life even become your life?! I’ve been there and it’s depressing. But it’s a necessary turning point. The road to change begins with a single step down a NEW, UNFAMILIAR path. And we’ll only take that step if our current state or situation becomes unbearable.The risk has to be worth it, or we remain stuck and complacent.

Change is created out of the new; new thoughts, new feelings, new actions, new behaviors. Nicely summed up by Dr Dispenza, “the best way to predict the future is to create it - not from the known, but from the unknown.” But the unknown is scary and uncomfortable and oftentimes (myself included) we dip our toe into the unfamiliar waters, realize it’s uncomfortable, associate uncomfortable with bad, and go right back to our old ways because they feel better. “Ah… now this is more like it.” And just like that we’re back where we started.

Change doesn’t happen overnight…as I’m learning as I go through the work of self improvement and as I work towards new goals. In fact, it goes at a frustratingly slow grinding pace, and I’m trying to trust the process. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy as the saying goes.

If we are serious about change, we must be serious about our thoughts. Old thoughts produce old results, new thoughts produce new results. But the first step in changing your thoughts is to become aware of the thoughts you are having. Becoming a spectator to your thoughts, rather than a participant, is a gnarly experience to say the least. It’s amazing what I’ve noticed once I started paying attention to the thoughts in my head. You know, that voice wearing the judgy pants.

Once I could see it for what it is (LIES), I had the ability to change it. Or at least see it for what it is and ignore it. 

“If you want to create a new reality - a new life - then you have to begin to examine or think about the thoughts you’ve been thinking and change them.” -Dr Joe Dispenza

What are you telling yourself throughout the day? Are your thoughts serving you, honoring you, lifting you up? Or is it the same nonsense you were saying to yourself yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that?

I am launching an exciting opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and enter into some life altering positivity. Later this week I will be announcing the details of a fitness challenge that is open to all!

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