I have always had a thing about taking out the garbage. On the list of chores, it was always my most despised and quickest to pawn off on someone else. Up until a few weeks ago, I really hated taking out the garbage. It was just such a drag.

But that has changed. With the help of my amazing attitude coach, I now look forward to taking out the trash.

At the risk of sounding corny, or being made fun of, I am going to just be honest. Ready for it? Here goes.

Now, when I take out the garbage, I do it for God.

Maybe that sounds super weird to you, or maybe you’re nodding your head like, “huh! Very cool!” Regardless, I decided to turn something dreadful into something meaningful and that was a huge breakthrough. Huge! So now, when I take out the garbage, here’s what I think, feel, and say: “Thank you God for all you do in my life. I am so grateful to have things and food and live in comfort, so I am more than happy to take out my garbage because it’s just really awesome that I even have garbage to take out! Thanks again, God. You rock.”

As opposed to: “Grrrrr… damn garbage… time to take out the stupid garbage… I hate taking out the garbage… grrrr…”

I’m just thinking that this might be one of the most oddball blogs I’ve written, but I’m gonna go with it.

All I did (back to the garbage scenario) to change my experience from negative to positive was shift my perspective.

All I did was shift my perspective!


Here’s a cool exercise from one of my very favorite authors these days, Jen Sincero:

“Take five things in your life that frighten you, bum you out, irritate you, find reasons to be grateful for them. and write them down (and feel this gratitude, don’t just give it lip service).”


Perspective shifting is something my 21 Day Fitness and Mindset Challenge participants are currently being challenged with. They are 7 days in and boy oh boy have there been some breakthroughs!  

One of the participants is a blogger, and is writing about her 21 day experience with honesty, humor, and a touch of sass. She’s really good. Check it out here.


Not a whole lot of workout talk today, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Even as a trainer, I’m the first to admit that a good life is about more than pushups and deadlifts. But I can help you with those, too.