The best way to get me to take something out of your weight lifting program is for you to tell me that you love it. 

The more you “suck” at something the more of an impact it will have. And we tend to dislike what we aren’t that great at, and we tend to like what we’re good at.

I’m not saying that lifting weights should always be sucky. It’s also good to do exercises you enjoy and kick booty at. But I don’t let my clients avoid exercises they can’t stand. Complain all you want, but my job is to help you get better. I guess you could call it tough love.

I’ve known this to be true in the weight room for years, but only recently, through my work with my life coach, Michelle, have I made this connection in the mindset department. I’m late to the party when it comes to fully committing to personal growth, change, and emotional healing / maturity, but hey, at least I’m at the party! Better late than never. 

Anytime I tell Michelle “I’d rather not do that exercise,” or “can we just skip that chapter?” or “I don’t think I need to listen to that CD ten times like you asked me to because I didn’t like it,” then that’s a huge red flag for her. I can’t fool her any better than my clients can fool me. She usually responds to my resistance with something along the lines of, “that’s interesting, let’s take a look at that,” and I know I’ve just royally screwed myself.

That’s why she’s the mindset expert and I’m the fitness expert. I encourage my clients to do more of what they are resistant to, and Michelle encourages me to deeply explore the things that I think just aren’t for me.

That one workout you’d rather pass on.

The clothes you never put away.

The book you aren’t finishing.

If you are resistant to something, congratulations, because you’ve just uncovered a gem. 

Do the thing you are resistant to. Do it despite it being boring, lame, hard, seemingly impossible, uncomfortable, or because you don’t think it’s right for you. Do it anyway, and then hold on because there is some serious glory coming your way.