I’m really picky about where I get my information. When it comes to fat loss, I have a few trusted resources; people who have been doing this years longer than me, have trained thousands more people than I have, and have proven methods based on science and the experiential results of the clients they coach. It would be silly for me to look for answers in a random book or website or twelve, when I have a trusted authority right there. So I resist the urge to information hop and I learn from the best.

Searching for solutions is a good thing, but if you are reading a bazillion articles about fitness or fat loss, you are probably - strike that - definitely getting conflicting information. Most of the stuff out there is nonsense, and it’s either outdated, untested, or based on someone trying to sell you something. 


There are a few basic principles of fat loss that are pretty much non-negotiables for anyone wanting to trim up. Here they are:

  1. Lift heavy
  2. High intensity metabolic conditioning + low intensity cardio
  3. Eat protein


Number three is a big can of worms. Diet is a colossal part of losing fat. Adequate protein is essential, which is why it’s listed as a principle. So you’ve got your protein. Check. What else should you eat? Enter the can of worms.

I am in the middle of an experiment and it happens to be working out well. I’ve lost ten pounds in ten days and I feel incredible. I’ve had clients and random people ask me what I’m doing because they notice I’ve lost ten pounds quickly and they want to lose ten pounds too. So when they ask, I give a brief explanation and watch their enthusiasm slowly dissipate when they hear how strict I’m being with what I put in my body, what I don’t put in my body, and what I am asking my body to do every day with heavy and intense kettlebell workouts. I’m also going to bed before 9pm and working out at my “spiritual” gym every day. Perhaps a future blog about my spiritual gym? Anyway…

I see them go from “I’m totally gonna do whatever it is you’re doing!” to “Um, yeah, that might not work with my schedule right now,” … and then they ultimately end up picking small pieces of what I’m doing that sound good and incorporate a small part of what I’m doing into their life.

And that’s cool! Adding in a healthy shake or some Bulletproof coffee to your diet is a worthy endeavor. But this article is about the fast lane to fat loss. Doing “keto-ish” or “paleo-ish” or “whole30-ish” is not fast lane, so if you’re serious about rapid fat loss, leave “ish” to the fish.

The diet experiment I’m doing right now is working because I’m ALL IN. I can’t tell you what type of diet will work for you, but you will never really know unless you go ALL IN TOO! 

I’ve got a rapid fat loss challenge coming up next month. But until then, hit me up anytime if you have questions or need some help with fat loss.