As a solo entrepreneur, I rely on the talents and expertise of others to do the things I cannot do myself. So when it was time to re-brand my image, I needed to find the right person; someone who understood my profession, saw the same vision for my company as I do, and someone whom I could trust to bring out the best in me on camera.

Felicity Murphy exceeded my expectations.

From our very first phone conversation, she felt like an old friend, and I knew I was in the best hands possible because she held my hand each step of the way. 

We scheduled the photoshoot, and the preparation began. When I say she held my hand each step of the way, I mean every single step. I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, but when the big day arrived, I was feeling a little more Hollywood and a little less Midwest because, thanks to Felicity’s guidance, I was prepared.

We spent four hours in her gorgeous, naturally lit warehouse-style studio, and much to my surprise, it was a blast! I was definitely nervous, but none of that came through in the final photos. She captured my essence in fierce and compelling photographs that I am proud to share with the world.

Felicity is a master photographer and creative genius with a compassionate heart and a calming presence. I am honored to have her on my team as the woman behind my image. 

I (virtually) sat down with Felicity to learn more about her life and her business, Felicity Murphy Photography. 

- - -

Q: How long have you been doing photography and when did you start “Felicity Murphy Photography?”

I grew up watching my mom shoot black and white film on an old Mamiya 4x5 (that's an old style, big and unwieldy camera) and developing her film in a darkroom in the attic. All her prints were of family times, but beautifully poetic and evocative and candid. They still hang on the walls and even 30, 40 years later, after thousands of viewings, I STILL love looking at them. So I started shooting film in high school, trying my hand at it. After getting laid off from my first job in Los Angeles, and casting about for the next thing to do I decided to take myself seriously and go professional in I'm going 16 years now!  

Q: What is your specialty? Do you have a niche market?

I have two specialities- Commercial fitness photography and Corporate Portraiture. They are quite different and I have two separate photo business entities to manage those specialities. I would say my speciality is photographing bodies in an artistic yet commercial way. I love seeing shadow and light on the body's form and I'm lucky to have clients whose bodies are extraordinary works of art in and of themselves. It makes playing with the light on them a total pleasure! 

Q: What sets you apart from other photographers?

I'd say I am highly energetically generous, I give a lot of myself. My mantra in business is "Act with a spirit of Generosity." I truly, genuinely care about each person I meet. I want to meet their spirit, find their best, give my best, make that time we share worth it. That said, I don't suffer fools. So I think one thing that sets me apart is that if we have found each other and we work together, it is going to be a real experience, no B.S. And that will come through in the photographs we create. 

Q: What photographer(s) do you admire and why?

The first photographer I fell for was Richard Avedon. His American West photos made me want to do what he did. I also am still floored by Robert Frank's “The Americans.” Those are old shooters. More contemporary: Platon, Sahsa Maslov, Nadav Kandar, Julia Vandenover, Eric Wolfinger....any so many more. I like people who shoot without the constraints of what is expected. And, big surprise, I like authentic energy in the work. The book/collection "The Family of Man" continues to shape my eye and heart whenever I leaf through it. It makes a great gift. 

Q: Where are you from? How long have you been in LA?

I'm originally from our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Been in LA for 17 years.. and I love L.A. with all of my heart! 

Q: What do you love about living in LA?

The light, the air, the weather, the high energy of the city, the cultural diversity, the generally friendly vibe, the food, the sexiness, the hills, the ocean, the proximity to the desert, Silver Lake, my friends, and my home. 

Q: Family? Pets?

I’m married to a chef named Jack (total score, two kiddoes (Willem and Katie Reese), and one feline fur baby named O'Henry. 

Q: What is one random fact about you?

I have bunions. Ha!

Q: What is your workout routine?

I go to Pilates reformer class 2x a week and  to Orange Theory 3x a week. I use a roller and bands for therapy and detail work at home. And when my spirit needs fresh air I walk around the Silver Lake reservoir.

If your business or personal pursuits need fresh air breathed into them in the form of epic photographs, reach out to Felicity via Instagram or her website. While you’re there you can also browse through a collection of her incredible work, including this photograph she took of me.