It’s hard to know what protein powder to choose. Walk into any health food store, or even grocery store, and the options go for miles.

Without getting into too much detail, this article will help you navigate the overwhelming world of protein powders.

Always read the ingredients, not just the label. Labels sell, ingredients give you information.

Ingredients to avoid:

  • soy
  • sugar
  • avoid any canister of protein with more than four or five ingredients

What to look for:

  • fewer than four or five ingredients
  • cow or goat whey (assuming you aren’t plant-based)
  • unsweetened or sweetened with stevia

Everyone is different, so test which works best for you. But I’m preferential to goat whey over cow for the following reasons (from Elite Fuel's website):

    1    Goat Whey has the highest biological value of any natural food source, including cow sourced whey. Goat Whey’s biological value is 104! This means that Goat Whey is extremely digestible and absorbable. The protein you drink is the protein you keep.

    2    Goat Whey is the most digestible whey protein on the planet.

    3    Goat Whey has the highest concentration of branched chain amino acid (BCAAs) found any natural food source.

    4    Goat Whey when ingested forms a very soft bolus (ball) that is digested with ease in the stomach and small intestine. In contrast, cow based protein forms a rock-like curd.

    5    Goat Whey is hypoallergenic. So you can say see you later to the days of gas, bloating, diarrhea and microflora disturbance.

    6    Goat Whey is a complete protein with the optimal levels and ratios of amino acids to support muscle growth, immunity and muscle recovery.


Click here for my favorite protein, made from happy goats on a farm in the Pacific Northwest.