Last week I went to a restorative yoga class for the first time. I’m used to yoga classes where you, well, move. This was much different. This was about NOT moving.

It felt more like a 90-minute cozy meditation, holding comfortable, effortless postures for long amounts of time. Doing this was mildly torturous, and many times I gave into the urge to move. 

But there were also small, fleeting moments during the practice where I became unaware of my body, and my mind settled into a delicious space inside my heart. 

I found a new appreciation for my breath. How amazing that we can choose to control it, or just surrender to nature and let our bodies breathe on their own. I investigated different parts of the breath, and noticed what happens to my body and my mind during the space between my breaths. And I felt the deep purifying satisfaction of filling my lungs and then letting it all out with an audible sigh. 

Then the teacher said:

“How you breathe is how you do everything.”


“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Can I get an amen?!

This had huge implications for me. If how I breathe is how I do everything and how I do everything is how I breathe, then I choose to show up for breathing / everything with:





And when I find myself showing up for daily responsibilities like work, errands, workouts, chores,  with frustration, anger, ambivalence, or disregard, I’m likely showing up for breathing in the same way, and it’s time for a spiritual reset.