Over the weekend, I didn’t set my alarm. On Saturday I woke up - under my own power - at 5:58am. On Sunday, 5:30! So I made my bulletproof coffee and read the Bible and that’s how my weekend mornings went. Not exactly cool.

I have committed to reading the Bible - the entire thing - cover to cover - in ninety days. And I’m so uncool that it’s day eight and I’m on schedule.

Pretty much every night I’m in bed by 8:30. I read the Bible, or Dr. Dispenza, or Jen Sincero, or something else that expands my brain until 9 or 9:30 and then zonk out. Like a Grandma!

Yesterday I got baptized, and afterwards I ate a gigantic vegan raw kale salad at SunCafe to “celebrate.” Champagne would have been cool. Kale? You've got to be kidding me.

I spend money on business coaching, not wine.

I have conversations with my cat.

I listen to motivational podcasts while I’m hiking. Or if I’m feeling adventurous, I don’t bring technology with me. Danger is pretty much my middle name.

I go to Whole Foods for entertainment.

On days I have early clients, I wake up an hour and a half before work so I have time to just sit and drink my coffee. Listen to inspirational music. Read. Meditate. Review client files. Take my time. 

I pursue inner peace over excitement. Emotions over distractions. Slow and deliberate over fast and furious. Facts over drama. Solitude over mediocre companionship. 

Much has been removed from my life. People, ideas, and habits that don’t serve me are getting the boot. God is taking their place. And the more it’s stripped down, the bigger it becomes.

And when it comes to my life, I’ll take big over cool any day.