My cat is mostly lazy. She spends a majority of her time lounging around, and moving from one napping area to another. She enjoys her down time. No issues there.

But a couple times a day, it’s go-time. One of her favorite “go-times” is during the middle of the night, and most mornings I exit my bedroom to find all her toys pulled out of their box and strewn about my apartment. And at least once a day, she’ll emerge from her lounge-fest and spend a few minutes doing cat sprints on her little self-made cat obstacle course; down her tree, into the bedroom, jump into the window, meow, sprint back to her tree, claw it, roll around, stalk her toy mouse, pounce, sprint somewhere else, and this fun-fest continues for a short time until she crashes. 

I don’t have to tell Sheba to exercise. She knows when she needs it, and then does it.

It could be that easy for us, if we let it. If your body is telling you something other than “I need to move” on a daily basis, there is something seriously out of whack. We are created to move. And our bodies need to move in order to function at their best. When our primal need for exercise is ignored, we are letting our thoughts run the show. This has huge consequences on our vitality.

If we regularly buy into the thought patterns that talk us out of exercising - I’m too tired, I’m too busy, I’d rather ____ - we start to lose touch with our consciousness. Our precious mind-body connection begins to fade.

Our bodies will tell us what they need. Are you listening?