The place I’m referring to can’t be found on a map, and you can’t enter it into Waze. The directions to this place are vague and mysterious; in fact no two people arrive at this place via the same route.

I’m talking about the place between acceptance and expectancy.

This place isn’t make-believe. I have met two people just this week who are there right now. And when they reached out to tell me that they had finally arrived, the tears welled up. Because I know what it takes and I know what they’re up against and I know that their arrival there means that they are finally on their way.

For a whole bunch of years, I talked the talk of self acceptance like a boss. But as life keeps doing its “life” thing (with the loss and the curve balls and the heartache) and as gravity keeps doing it’s “gravity” thing (I’m not 20 anymore…let’s just leave it at that), I have learned what it means to walk the path of self acceptance and not just gab about

The reason that the place between acceptance and expectancy is so powerful is because the hardest part is over. It’s like running a marathon; the race itself is the easy part. It’s all the work that got you to the start line that’s the toughest.

Whether you’ve got your sights set on a different looking body, more energy, or a thriving business, the first major obstacle is accepting where you currently are, and maybe even loving yourself for being there. It’s the first step. And it’s hard.

Because it’s hard to love your body when you wish it looked different.

It’s hard to love working out when there’s no energy left for it.

It’s hard to love your business when it’s not successful yet.

But hate and resistance aren’t good fuel for the type of change I think you’re interested in.

I'm talking about the type of change that is birthed from perserverance, endurance, and dedication. With the type of work that requires humility, strength, faith, and grace. That's the type of change that, for me, has been worth it. 

Because after all that work you are perfectly poised for the miracle.

You can expect it. 

And if you need a workout to help get you closer to the miracle - I've got you covered!

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