There’s no rule that says you need to workout three times a week. Or four, or every day, or even two! ⁣

If you want to improve your fitness, then working out must become a habit. But there’s no magic number of weekly workouts that means it’s a habit. I think many of us come to a new fitness routine with an exaggerated preconception about how much we *should* workout. ⁣

What if I told you once a week is enough? Not only is it a good start, but it’s quite possibly enough, period! ⁣

Peer-eee-od. ⁣

If you’re already struggling to fit in ANY workouts, then fitting in a few a week probably sounds impossible. And why would you set yourself up for that type of failure? You wouldn’t. Which is why not starting is usually the safest route.⁣

But I’m here to tell ya that a once-a-week workout habit is a solid improvement from not at all. Study after study has shown that small changes are more powerful than gigantic life overhauls when it comes to getting good habits to stick.⁣

Fitness doesn’t need to feel like impending doom. To get into more detail of a program you can wrap your brain around - a program that’s aligned with YOUR life - schedule a free consultation call!