After her first session with me, my new client said something I hear all. the. time.

She said timidly, “I want to work with you, but I can only do once a week,” and lowered her eyes in anticipation of the backlash and disappointment she was surely expecting from me.

NO! You must train with me at least four days a week or you’re wasting your time… so fork it over, sister! We start Monday. 

LOL can you imagine?!

Of course I’d love to see my beautiful new client more often, but once a week is the perfect frequency for her because it’s what works for her right now. And if she shows up every week and I do my job, she will see improvements in her fitness.

And she does show up, and I do my best for her, and now three weeks later she has seen drastic improvements in her fitness.

Balance is coming easier to her. It takes her less time to get up and down from the floor. And she’s feeling better in her body.

If you want help with your fitness, we’ll come up with a plan that works. Not A plan, but YOUR plan. The path to flourishing in your fitness might be more accessible than you think!

So if you’re not taking action because you think you need to do a complete 180 for this fitness thing to work, I’d like to offer a different way.

A small 5 degree turn every day will have you walking in the complete opposite direction in (let me get my calculator)… in just 36 days. 

Small changes compound over time into significant results.

What does 5 degrees of change look like for you?

Doing a little bit of something that’s good for you is always better than doing nothing at all.

Even just a little bit.

Click here if it’s the right time to add a little bit of fitness to your life.