I wrote a new workout called “The Hypertrophy Program for The Hustle Muscle”

It’s specifically engineered to grow your hustle muscle and make it bigger and stronger.

It works best if you wear your “slay all day” t-shirt while you do the workout.

If you stick with this program and do it every day the results are guaranteed.

You’ll get faster results if you beat yourself up with shame and guilt any time you miss a workout.

This program is proven to make you more frantic. You’ll be “killing it” while slowly killing yourself.

Injury is likely.

Frustration will reach record levels.

The wheels will soon fall off.

You guys!!!

More is not better and pain is NOT in fact sweat leaving your body.

A post-workout sweat angel or being so sore you can't brush your teeth does NOT signify the quality of a workout.

Pushing yourself all the time will eventually catch up to you. You’ll be running in place really really really fast, but actually moving backwards.

The problem with many fitness programs is lack of sensibility, not lack of intensity.

There’s a time and a place for a minimal effective dose of intensity, which is why I intermittently and intentionally sprinkle it into my clients’ programs. 

The go big or go home mindset ignores the fact that there are plenty of places between big and home. The middle ground is available to us and it’s where we need to spend most of our time if we want the wheels to stay attached as long as possible.