Yesterday I went on an adventure! I drove 20 minutes down the 101 in search of a gigantic concrete staircase in the middle of a field. Finding things in L.A. is hard, but I found the Calabasas Hidden Staircase Hike without any trouble.

I went out in search of these special stairs because my fitness needs a spark every so often. I never do the same exact workout twice (cuz, boring!), and that’s the way I like to program for my clients, too. Doing destination workouts and fun things outside my usual Crossfit Cardio class appeals to my sense of adventure. Knowing this about myself is what keeps me overall consistent with my workouts.

Consistency is the key. But consistency is what most people struggle with. Here’s a way of thinking about it that might help.

Consistency doesn’t mean doing the same workout every day, or even the same workout every week. But many folks do the same workout because it’s what they know how to do and what they feel comfortable doing. I know a lot of people who go to the gym, spend some time on the cardio machines, and then do a few of the same lifting exercises that they feel confident performing. I see a lot of women avoiding lifting weights entirely because they’re unsure how to do it. Or sticking with the tiny little pink dumbbells for fear of getting hurt or bulking up.

If you’re in a rut, or your progress is plateauing, It might be time for a fitness intervention.

I intervened on my own workout program by running 377 stairs in the middle of a canyon. Fitness interventions breathe fresh life and confidence into workout ruts. It might be as simple as learning one or two compound lifting movements to add to your gym routine, or sprinkling in a sweaty kickboxing focus pad sesh a few times a month.

So, back to consistency. Instead of focusing on consistency in the day-to-day workout, I’d recommend panning out and instead looking at the overall trend. Don’t confuse consistency with monotony. 

And if it’s feeling monotonous, maybe it’s time for an intervention?

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