Having a fitness program to follow can be super freeing. It removes the guess work, which in turn removes much of the struggle that often comes with sticking to a new habit. 

But the sense of freedom can quickly turn into feeling like you’re in prison if you set out to follow the program perfectly. Perfection is the enemy of progress. All or nothing is a recipe for disaster. 

My fitness programs provide structure without rules. Because if there were rules, they’d get broken. And breaking the rules gets messy. All you rebel tendencies will break them because that’s your nature. And those of you who tend to follow the rules will eventually fall short. Because, life. Both scenarios feel icky and lead to frustration and self sabotage. 

That’s why I kick the rules to the curb. 

My fitness programs provide a framework. Within the framework you have choices. Consistency does NOT mean following a program perfectly. Consistency lies in making the choice every day to decide how your fitness program fits into your life (versus trying to fit your life into your fitness program.)

My fitness is a habit because I’m not rigid about what it looks like. Last week it looked like 4 Crossfit classes and 2 walks. Over the weekend it looked like spinning my niece til we were both falling down dizzy. 

I don’t have to work out; I GET to. And when I see it that way, it’s enjoyable. And the choice for fitness comes easy. 

Online programs to fit YOUR life (not the other way around!) start at $149.