How do you prevent a change in your schedule from sabotaging your fitness?

A change in routine is the number one reason my clients give for going off track with their workouts or diet. If your good habits tend to go out the window on the weekends, you’re not alone. For most folks, the weekend provides a deviation from your “typical” schedule, which creates a rich environment for the f***-its. And the not-so-fun cycle of “I’ll start again Monday” begins. 

And sometimes “I’ll start again Monday” turns into next Monday, or next month, or why not just wait for the New Year since I already screwed it all up.

I want to tell you a quick story about my client who just punched her history of fitness and diet f***-its in the face. 

While I was running her through her Monday morning workout, she began telling me about her weekend. “I didn’t do so well” she said, and listed off all the things, like pizza and champagne and cake, that she had eaten. 

That part doesn’t matter. What matters is what came out of her mouth next.

“This is a new thing for me to get right back on my program. In the past I would have quit. I wouldn’t have wanted to face what I had done, so I would have just quit.”

But there she was, back at it. She had gained some weight back, but had the courage to step on the scale and face it. She didn’t cancel her workout, she showed up and killed it. I was able to up her weights significantly and when she realized she was pressing ten pounds more than usual she was a hilarious combination of mad and happy.  I mean, if you’re not a little bit mad at your trainer, then something’s wrong, amiright? 😂

This particular Monday was a really big deal, and I made sure she knew it. She had tapped into the mindset required for lasting behavior change, and that’s a big darn deal.

Fall down, get back up right away. Because falling down will only take you out as long as you let it.