Not Your Workout Buddy

… if I’m busy working out with you then I can’t really see what you’re doing. If I can’t see what you’re doing then I’m not coaching you. 

On the Level

If you haven’t moved for a while, or if you’ve lived longer than ten years, you likely have some type of compensation going on.

Read This if Crossfit Scares You

I coach many of my clients at a Crossfit gym, and when I talk about Crossfit I recognize that look in your eyes. It’s the same look I got when I showed up at a race as “fast Becca.” 


Powerless over alcohol? Pfft. Not me. And I’ve got 109 days sober to prove it.

Then on day 110 I learned something…


I woke up this morning with the closest feeling to a hangover I’ve had since I quit alcohol 89 days ago. The kind of hung over feeling that makes you want to eat chocolate cake and french fries and unblock ex-boyfriends.

How to Make Goals Not Suck

I no longer emphasize fat loss or goal setting in my personal training practice. This may sound totally nuts because it goes against a deeply ingrained norm in the fitness biz, but hear me out.