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The Great Trade Off

I was listening to Dr. Laura - the queen of tough love - and was prompted to write about this particular call from a 70-yr-old struggling with severe health anxiety that’s taking over her thoughts and mindset.

She explains that she doesn’t actually have any severe health issues, yet states,

“I look forward to going to sleep at night so I can try to forget about it.”

Every little ache or pain sends her into a panic. And we all know that aches and pains come with the territory of getting older.

Imagine being consumed with fear and worry every time you felt a twinge or tweak! I know that I’d be a mental wreck, just like this poor woman on Dr. Laura’s show.

After helping the caller identify her fear of death, they get to the most inspiring part of the conversation when Dr. Laura shares her personal experience.

“I’m 75, I get aches and pains but I know what they’re from because I work out hard and I’m an athlete. Things are going to ache. But the irony is if I did nothing and sat on a couch, then everything would ache! So it’s a trade off.”

It’s so hard to start working out when your body’s in pain. It feels counter-intuitive. But as the saying goes, movement IS medicine. It might not happen instantly, but most of the time, working out will help you feel better in your body.

Are you up for the trade off Dr. Laura describes? I am. But I know it’s weird to many people.

The other day I was working with a client and had a hard time standing up after being on the floor. She looked at me, concerned, and I explained that my legs were super sore from my workout the day before. Her response cracked me up. “Well, serves ya right!”

Yes. Yes it does.

I’m no stranger to self-inflicted physical pain, and I plan on keeping it that way. I believe that if I continue to push my fitness, I’m further away from having to be pushed in a wheelchair.

A body in motion stays in motion. So start now. Then keep moving, keep stretching, keep going.

And check out the uplifting episode “Where are My Golden Years?

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